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Welcome from the Mayor

The City has made great strides since the closing of Bethlehem Steel and is well on its way to full recovery from industrial decline, but this is a continuous process and cannot be done without a strong commitment to higher education. It is through such a commitment that the City can draw the inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Innovation is defined as “the act of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods”.  By fostering a highly-concentrated cluster of students, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies, Southside Bethlehem has effectively positioned itself as a catalyst for innovation.  

While the incentives are important, the most important factors for entrepreneurs are a vibrant community, a pool of talented employees, and close proximity to customers and suppliers. There is something to be said for the vibe of a community and how that shapes perception. Based on this, we are confident that Bethlehem provides the necessary resources and lifestyle sought after by young, bright, tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

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