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KIZ Companies


Almas Foods International LLC

Almas Foods International LLC focuses on healthy and sustainable food and increases the food awareness. Their major brand is Zaffrus, in which they offer unique products that have the world’s most precious spice, saffron. 


Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Azevan Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage, small molecule drug development company developing novel therapeutics to treat disorders of stress, mood, and behavior.


Bonn Place Brewing, Inc.

Bonn Place Brewing strives to be a craft beer destination and café style taproom serving different styles of craft beer brewed on premise, Pennsylvania produced wines and hard ciders, coffee drinks, sandwiches and snacks, locally sourced whenever possible. 


CDG Environmental LLC

CDG Environmental specializes in the delivery and precise application of chlorine dioxide, a powerful disinfectant and oxidant used by a number of industries. 


Celebr8 Life helps you to imagine, plan and capture your life's most exciting adventures.


Cernostics, Inc.

Cernostics is a diagnostics company focused on delivering next generation cancer diagnostics and prognostics through a unique approach to tissue analysis.


Cliquify, Inc.

Cliquify is an employer branding platform for recruiters and hiring managers to showcase your culture and create buzz across social media.


CryoConcepts LP

CryoConcepts is an ISO 13485 certified medical device developer and manufacturer.  In early 2011 the company introduced its first product, CryOmega, which is a multi-use, disposable cryosurgical device that sprays liquefied nitrous oxide.


Cerora, Inc.

Cerora, Inc. is a healthcare information technology company focused on providing accessible and affordable diagnostic information with a particular focus on concussions and Alzheimer’s disease.


Denison Consulting Group, Inc.

Our mission is to be your engineering partner, identifying and correcting often unseen power quality events that are frequently the cause of costly production failure, destruction of critical plant assets, and the confusion of plant floor operations.


DynAccess Ltd.

DynAccess has refined conventional monoski designs by combining user feedback with solid knowledge and skills to build a state-of-the-art, semi-custom monoskis.


EcoTech Marine, Inc.

EcoTech Marine has set new industry standards for aquarium equipment. Their superior products produce unmatched performance and minimizes visual intrusion into aquariums.


EggZack, Inc.

EggZack has developed a patented local marketing system that helps small businesses get more local sales guaranteed.


Element ID, Inc.

Element ID invented a new way to combine RFID middleware and RFID reader hardware into the same low cost device, greatly reducing the cost, risk, and complexity of RFID deployments.


Exscribe, Inc.

Exscribe EHR is a comprehensive electronic health record system, focused only on orthopedics. Now you don’t have to choose between time with your patients and practice efficiency; you can have both, as well as an Integrated Telemedicine Solution.


Five Maidens Cider

Five Maidens began when Brian and Andrew felt that they reached the peak in their product’s quality and because family and friends encouraged the opening of a business to share their libations with the local community. 


FLX Solutions, Inc.

The smallest, most customizable, most affordable snake-like robot in the world.


Foli-Q LLC

Your hair is unique so your product should be too.


FreshFridge, Inc.

FreshFridge helps you manage everything in your kitchen that revolves around food. FreshFridge is the only refrigerator app that combines the food shopping, food storage, and food recipe experiences.


Grain Bound LLC

GrainBound identifies the key grain boundaries that govern material performance to provide a processing-design solution with better control for product reliability.


Hager Biosciences LLC

Hager Biosciences is a privately-owned biopharmaceutical company that provides pre-clinical therapeutic leads and candidates through operationally agile & effective drug discovery chemistry platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


Halide Group, Inc.

Halide Group is a highly diversified provider of chemical process design, research and development, and engineering services for applications requiring or related to fluorine and other fluoro-chemicals, chlorine and chlorine dioxide, and supercritical carbon dioxide.


HarborLight Software, Inc.

HarborLight Software is a leading provider of real-time marine data collection and reporting software. HarborLight Software works with government and non-government organizations and commercial agencies in the fisheries market to build custom software.


HootBoard LLC

The easiest information bulletin board kiosk to deploy and manage. Focus on engaging your employees, visitors or students and not managing your kiosks.


Ilico Genetics, Inc.

Ilico Genetics, a Spin Off of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, is developing the first methylated DNA based molecular test specifically designed for the early detection of gastric cancer, even years before Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD, gold standard). 


Impossible Incorporated LLC

Impossible Incorporated combines experience in the design, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering fields in order to take novel, and ultimately successful, approaches to problem solving. The company’s current project is a novel snake-like robot.


Innovform Therapeutics LLC

InnovForm Therapeutics’ mission is to become the global leader in lipid-based nano-formulation technology and nano-medicines development.


Logic 54 LLC

When you log into Logic 54 you're taken directly to your dashboard, where you can see your whole system at a glance. That's right, everything in one spot. Receive alerts to ensure your staff and vehicles are always in compliance. Manage all your customers, access route and student information, check your system stats, and monitor resource usage - all from the Logic 54 dashboard.

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Lord & Lily LLC

Lord & Lily is a brand of high-end all natural skin care products.  They pride themselves on providing high quality products that delivers the most enriching nutrients to your skin as possible. Their products contain more natural and active ingredients than a majority of the products sold in retail stores.


Map Decisions LLC

Map Decisions’ GPS-enabled cloud-based software platform enables you to map the location and keep up-to-date records about your organization’s assets, workers, and customers. 


Mezzimatic LLC

Mezzimatic designs and manufactures STEM-related toy products. Their flagship product, Goblies, is a crossover between water balloons and paintballs.


MindMe, Inc.

MindMe integrates text-message marketing with mobile webpage creation to make business communications rich and immediate.


Mussel Polymers, Inc.

Launched in 2019, Mussel Polymers Inc (MPI) develops effective adhesive solutions for the most challenging applications.  Building from our base technology, licensed from Purdue University, MPI has expanded its applications from underwater and high moisture environments to low-energy surfaces, and other high value applications.


NEATCap Medical has created a hearing protection device for infants in hospital neonatal intensive care units that blocks noxious noise to reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote brain development.


NextShift LLC

NextShift is a digital innovation company providing unique digital solutions and specialized platform development for its customers primarily in the healthcare sector. By providing robust turnkey solutions to their customers, they enable them to extend their reach via triggered (rules-based) communications to their patients and HCPs to increase health-related understanding and outcomes.


Ocutrap, Inc.

Patent Pending technology makes trap monitoring, managing, and control easier than ever.


Optamo LLC

Optamo is an operations research and analytics consulting company developing analytical solutions and decision support systems to help our clients optimize business processes.  Inmate Assignment Decision Support System (IADSS) is a web-based decision support system, developed for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADoC) to significantly improve the inmate assignment process.


OptoVibronex is currently focused on VOS™ 2.0 applications in Dermatology, particularly Aesthetic Dermatology.


Orbweaver Sourcing LLC

The Orbweaver Platform transfers purchasing data over a secure and direct connection between electronic part buyers and their suppliers – replacing the current back-and-forth emailing of spreadsheets.


Prodhealth, Inc.

ProdHealth teams up with you to take on all the different hurdles that life throws at you, starting with your health. 


ProspectGen AI LLC

Prospect Gen is your partner in revenue acceleration and profits maximization. Using unique strategies and innovative and proprietary technologies, we are able to create sustainable programs for your organization.

Raven -investor deck - 2021 02 26 - w_o.

Raven Biomaterials LLC

Develop/test a fundamentally new type of magnetic beads w/a higher magnetic capability to improve cell-based therapeutic manufacturing. The initial target is to enhance performance, reduce costs, & accelerate patient access to emerging treatments such as cell & gene therapy.


Rocket Cloud, Inc.

Rocket Cloud provides innovative cloud and machine learning-based software solutions to an almost entirely outdated and legacy-based software ecosystem.


rVibe LLC

rVibe has led and contributed to major virtual communication and training initiatives in large global enterprises.


Saladax Biomedical, Inc.

Saladax Biomedical is a privately held company that develops and commercializes novel diagnostic blood tests for the practical delivery of personalized medicine.


Seven Sirens Brewing Company

To build a destination for quaffing delicious beverages that are both unique and aligned with your values. We source local/organic ingredients from farmers we know and partners we trust, supporting our communities while creating meaningful relationships with those around us. Our goal is to create experiences where passion, purpose, acceptance, and well-being come together. We strive to be a vital partner in the renaissance of our home, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Skillion, Inc.

Skillion tech maximizes fleet opportunities by providing turn-key solutions to manage, monitor and monetize them by incorporating the most advanced technology. 


Soltech Solutions LLC

Soltech Solutions is an American based company founded to develop and provide the highest standards of energy efficient products for the home and office.


Testar LLC

To help you the window cleaner reach your professional goals and enable you to have an easier, productive, and fulfilling work day.


Texas Instruments Lehigh Valley 

Texas Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors and semiconductor-related devices.


Thor Power Corporation

Thor Power Corporation is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric motor systems–microelectronics and permanent magnet motors, perfectly matched to application–principally up to 5 kilowatts.


UBMe, Inc.

UBMe goes far beyond social networking by creating a new and interactive communication dynamic in which people within the same business or place can connect with each other using live chat on UBMe's unique messaging platform. 


U.S. Specialty Formulations LLC

U.S. Specialty Formulations’ mission is to provide sterile injectable solutions manufactured or compounded using validated aseptic techniques, and customized to meet the needs of each individual patient.


VaxForm LLC

At VaxForm LLC, they envision a world where innovation ensures that health is within reach for everyone by reducing the time needed to develop a vaccine formulation.


Viddler, Inc.

Viddler provides interactive online media solutions for corporate communications, interactive training, and digital publishing.


ViiHealth, Inc.

ViiHealth develops breakthrough solutions for people with health conditions, for folks managing their family’s health, and for caregivers so they can be ready and responsive to changing health needs.


Vision Field Technologies LLC

Vision Field Technologies LLC (VFT) develops and provides innovative vision-based training products for sports and activities of daily living to improve quality of life experience.  


With Meraki Co.

With Meraki Co. has developed a vegan and allergen free formula designed to support the urinary tract and vaginal health.

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